Little Strummer Girl


 Little Strummer Girl Fundraising Progress for Sick Kids Hospital

Welcome to my website. My name is Amina a.k.a. Little Strummer Girl. My father (Chuck) is helping me by handling my online efforts.

I am thankful for all of the encouragement people have given me while trying to raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital. We have posted a few videos and photos on Facebook, My Twitter and My YouTube Channel... a number of people on social media have asked how they can donate (remotely) to my cause, so the Sick Kids Foundation has setup a special donation page for me located here (tax receipts for your donation are available):

If you see me playing out there, a smile or a kind word raise my spirits... if you can, please feel free to donate any amount.  People often shrug their shoulders when they throw a loonie or toonie into my collection tin, saying they wish they could do more. It is amazing how many people do this but don't realize that so many other people are doing the same thing and it all adds up... surprising us every time when we sort through the donations. Every little bit really does help...

P.S. If you have a YouTube account, I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me ( Apparently, if I can get 1000 (originally it was just 100) followers on YouTube,  it will allow me to officially 'claim' the Little Strummer Girl name, allowing me to continue using it in the future, reducing confusion.